True Presence

What does it really mean to be present? It's been said many times, but honestly it's a very abstract thought.

Listen to your surroundings? Try not to think of other things while you're spending time with those you care about? Try to avoid checking your phone or scrolling through social media so often? Yes... and no.

My present epiphany.

Perhaps I'm not the only one who struggled with the idea of being present, what it means, and the value of it. I've heard so many good things that I had become a believer, but honestly I didn't know the first thing about how to actually put the idea into practice. That is until, after watching a few of Nathaniel Drew's videos, one afternoon several chords were struck - resonance - and then this thought entered my mind:

Being present is creating nostalgic memories for your future self.

This idea sums it up so clearly in my mind. Like the missing piece in a puzzle.

Those memories you look back on so fondly, warmly. However you were, in whatever state you were in during the time this memory was originally captured. This is being present. If you think back to those memories perhaps you can piece together your own truth about presence and what it means to you.

Hopefully this helps bring some clarity to your understanding of being present as well. I know for me this was one of those ideas that will forever alter how I view the world and no doubt for the better.

With love,


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