The Growth of a Hundred Years

A New Cycle of Evolution

The Growth of a Hundred Years

The vastness of the world is difficult to comprehend; the expanse of the universe unfathomable. There are so many possibilities lying in wait, discovery pending. Day by day we understand more and day by day more opportunities unlocked in the minds of millions. Seek new ideas that interest you and build upon them or branch from them further pushing the tree upwards. We are capable of an ever expanding ocean of actions and those which we choose to push forward with will inevitably alter the current reality and bore deeper this watery expanse; waiting for us in these depths is yet more potential.

Thinking of all the things we've been able to accomplish as a species within the last 100 years I am awestruck and taking that one step further to think of what might happen in the next 100 starts to feel as if I'm attempting to peer into the vastness of space. So many wonders lie ahead and it feels impossible to know what will happen, but I have faith that no matter what happens we will almost certainly find a way to make the best of it.

We've come this far with charitable actions, openness, and the uplifting of peoples individuality and importance. Treating others as equals is next and beyond that the beginning of truly understanding each other, but perhaps one cannot treat another as equal without first understanding. Emotions are and have always been rather complicated. Understanding them has been a journey that many wise people have struggled with for years; their knowledge gifted to future generations to fruitfully expound upon. And expound we have as countless have come to understand the more we learn of ourselves the easier it is to control our emotions and actions leading us to eventually see each other as quite similar. This simple concept shifts our mentalities entirely and begins to slow our method of thinking from a rage or torrent of anger to a brief frustration followed by a moment of introspection. It becomes difficult to be upset with someone so common in nature with yourself. We all have these emotions and they are triggered by thoughts. These thoughts seeded by something and however misguided it seems, almost undoubtedly so, we'll come to understand their way of thinking if we just listen.

Treat others as equals because they are - truly no different; emotionally, physiologically, spiritually, mentally, endlessly the same.

Core to this is taking the time to actually listen and respond thoughtfully. Hastened is our society these days and in some respects this is admirable while in others it hinders our growth. We must learn to be slow to think then quick to act. Only after our emotions have had time to settle should important decisions be made. It's quite easy to get swept up in the feelings of the moment and make hasty decisions only to later regret those very actions which were so absolute in our minds only moments before.

Regret lies in wait for those who act without thinking and slowly tortures those who think without acting.

Those that have mastered anything have done so at the expense of time. This is no different. Consciousness is like any other part of the mind; growth is possible, but it requires a want to change and a force to carry that change. Sustained effort must be afforded daily. It's not easy and there are no shortcuts. Putting the change we want to see into practice is the only path forward and that path is long; though, it mustn't necessarily be run.