The Benefits of Routines and Habits

Routines and habits are at the core of any successful person's day. A backbone by which everything else is built and latched on to. These consistent blocks of time ebbing and flowing throughout life to suit an ever changing set of life goals act as an anchor at any given moment to build from.

For some this may be well known and for others it could be a completely new idea, but, in either case, hopefully I can impart some knowledge on or at the very least provide a different lens through which to look at this subject.

Big wins are born from a series of small ones.

Habits lined up at certain times of the day on a consistent basis become routines. These routines create a series of small wins that act as kindling for willpower. A consistent spark for the day to get the engine running; the mind firing on all cylinders is no small thing.

An island in an ocean of thoughts.

The consistency of routines provides a solid surface to build upon. Often times thoughts are chaotic and so many ideas are swirling around, but nothing ever gets done about them. No action is taken and no results because of it. If you have something that happens every single day it becomes easy to tack other things onto that by placing items as reminders around the areas where your routines currently take place. That reminder then triggers the start of another habit on the back of the first. Building on an island is much easier than trying to tame the ocean. More about this idea of using items as reminders for new habits here.

Good habits often open the mind to new ideas.

Meditation, going for a walk, having a cup of tea in a quiet space, reading, journalling, exercising, etc. So many good habits pry open the mind and expose it to new ideas. Being present, exposing yourself to new ways of thinking, letting your conscious relax so your subconscious can spin up and solve all your problems; these things can have such an impact on daily life.

An aside: habits only work if taken seriously, but not critically so.

Life happens in very unexpected ways and often times it's best to just let go and get swept away for a moment. Fighting with the current only leads to panic and being pulled under. Take habits and routines seriously, but if life happens don't regret having left them incomplete for a time. Creating a negative connotation around the idea of routines will often cause a future rejection of the habits in them putting up needless barriers. That said, these daily habits can be difficult to do and often times there will be mental walls you need to climb before starting. Climb or push through these walls. It'll be worth it when the feeling of accomplishment sets in at the end of the day.

With love,


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