The Future of Real Estate Investing

Even if you know nothing about real estate there's a way you can take advantage of this investment strata.

Real estate investing has always been a fascination of mine primarily because I keep hearing about it as the way to really make semi-passive income. You set everything up and monthly checks roll in. Sure, there's a time investment up front and on occasion it requires time and money to maintain the property, but even still I hear nothing but good things. Because of this, I've always been on the lookout for something that can help me get started in this form of investment.

Side note: recently I've really enjoyed watching Sorelle Amore on YouTube (highly recommend watching her financial videos if you are unfamiliar) and her interest in and success with real estate is what fired me up to do some more digging around the subject.

So, here's the story and how you can get started with real estate with limited knowledge and start earning a small rental paycheck in just one day:

I was digging around Algorand's website (this blockchain is a topic in and of itself that really warrants more discussion, but... another time) and found a defi (decentralized finance) project called Lofty AI that checks all the boxes. It provides a way to earn truly passive income in real estate given a small amount of money, naturally provides a way to diversify (lowers the risk of the overall investment) as properties are bought by the investor in chunks, and returns rental income (daily I might add) and property appreciation to the investor. Given all that I was sold and ready to invest! So, how did I get started? Just downloaded an Algorand wallet (which I got from the app store on my phone) - I'd recommend getting the wallet made by the Algorand developers as I've had zero issues with it for the past year. Solid indeed - and once that was done went to in the browser and signed up, linked my bank account, and set off to purchase a chunk of property on that very same site. For the proof of ownership I got tokens that, once my Algorand wallet was linked, were transferred to my wallet under a new asset with the same name as the address of the property. Neato. I just check the site here and there to collect my rent which I can deposit directly into my bank or later will be able to transfer to my Algorand wallet if I so choose.

They also have an app they are developing that is planned to release first half of 2022 so there won't be a need to keep going to the website unless you prefer it. This will definitely catch on. Oh! Did I mention they use AI and loads of high quality real estate data to pick the best value properties and show you the estimated return on investment over time? Yeah, definitely going to catch on.

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