From Within

The latent potential of humanity and the belief that we all can and will do and be better given time.

From Within

Always hungry for something to draw us in or pull us forward, but never willing to draw inspiration from within and push forward in the face of disparagement, self or otherwise. Effort and drive are near impossible to give to someone, but it is with this humble perspective and deep belief in the untapped capacity of people in general that I attempt to surmount this improbable task. A summary of everything I've learned through countless books, personal experiences, and the thoughts of many wise souls deeply rooted in their own way of life; this summation begins today and ends when words inevitably fail me and thoughts cease to flow.

Perspective: This is quite a big subject, but to put it as simple as I can. Broaden your mind. It may sound a bit cliché, but I believe it warrants a better explanation that most people give it. When you think about life you think about it from one angle, your own. That's how the mind works and it's not wrong, but it's also not entirely correct either. You can think of it like being mentally colorblind; the sensations have never been there so you don't feel as though anything is missing. Submitting yourself to new experiences and having conversations with new people gives you more angles, more shades and hues, to consider the world around you. Listen to others' thoughts with an open mind and leave your own and as well as your emotions out while others are speaking; especially when a fire is burning in your brain, angry thoughts ready to ignite your lips. Learn to see yourself in this state, douse your emotions, and open your ears once again. Become a collector of perspectives; those that coincide with your own and those that clash. You absolutely won't agree with some of those conflicting views, but never should it stop you from listening.

Paint with an ever expanding palette and forever see the world with more clarity and vibrancy. Every new perspective a color and every experience a stroke on the canvas.

Control: Many make excuses surrounding their abilities or the current state of their life. Life doesn't happen to people, it's molded and formed by their actions. Each action brings about a reaction and the series of these interconnected threads forms the pattern of life. While the weave can be changed, the threads of the past are forever a part of the tapestry. But, like a work of art even the mistakes become an integral part so long as they don't overtake the canvas. All this to say, it is present actions that bring about future eventualities. If you want to be a better person you have to make efforts towards that end. You are that which you made yourself. You are where you put yourself. You can become that which you strive to be. You can eventually end up where you decidedly go. This all said, let us not to ignore that your actions are not the only ones at play, be it good or bad, and it is then your reaction that forms the respective reality.

Those that want and do nothing want indefinitely. Not for the faint of heart, a deep desire requires an unflinching forward momentum.

Time: To be cherished, but not to the detriment of others. A hurried mental state will lead to a hastened pace. Many call it patience, but that isn't quite right; it is more aptly described as an appreciation of the flow of time. Simple observations make an exponential difference in life and such tiny details are easily missed at too quick a pace. In your search for a slower and more thoughtful pace, however, it's important to not forget that others may not perceive time in the same way as you and respect these variances, right or wrong.

Give to life time and it will return in kind with memories forever stowed in the mind of those a part and as the remembered you will feel a sense of love deep, deep within your heart.

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