The fundamentals of managing money. 6 ideas in no particular order that are at the core of a successful life.


1: Your perception is bent. You're gonna to need to go blacksmith on it: throw it in the fire then hammer the shit out of it until you can see straight again. Question everything.

2: Experiment. Use the systems that were meant to draw in people and take advantage of them. Flip them and take advantage of them instead. Try new things, figure out the parts that work for you, then keep only those.

3: Reality can be a real bastard sometimes. Build you a safety net in cash so when life throws your ass off a cliff you can come out unscathed.

4: A lot of work is like shoveling shit. Few are happy to do it, some do it because "someone has to", and most would rather just do something else. Shovel shit with the best of them until you find a better path forward.

5: Spending all of your income is stupid and saving all of it is depressing. Find balance in passive investments, saving only what you won't miss and slowly increase that amount as you make your way up the ladder. Keep the split between spending and saving at a comfortable place and enjoy life now while prepping for the ultimate goal of removing the last restraint. Money.

6: Expand. Evolve. Grow. Whatever name you give it makes it no less important. Don't stop learning about whatever it is you love and pursue it intently. Doesn't matter what it is. Eventually these skills will be your foundation for a happier life.

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