Create Your Own Luck

Speak up and make relations. Luck is a factor of taking action in a social setting. Build relationships with others who share your ideals or the ideals you wish for yourself.

Create Your Own Luck

There's something I've begun to see over time that has only now hit me; one of those moments where you knew something in the back of your mind, but the thought finally clicks and falls into place. I suppose everything seems obvious in retrospect; despite that and maybe because of it, I felt as though this realization was worth sharing and the idea behind it worth prodding at.

This will likely not come as a revelation to most, but stay with me a minute and hear me out. Learn to speak up. Those around you generally won't bite and, contrary to the way we view strangers as a society, most people are actually sociable and kind; or, at the very least are well intentioned. Talk to those around you. Converse regularly, have debates on topics that move you, discuss your life, or simply have whatever small talk suits you; when you travel, ride the bus or subway somewhere, are visiting friends or family or simply working.

As you may have heard, luck is simply a series of events that happened by chance and those events seemingly worked in your favor. This has some truth to it of course, but there's more to it than that. You can create your own luck by talking to those around you in the most random of places. Those small conversations lead to interesting things and can, at times, lead to a world of opportunities that were not in your field of view before. Even if you feel as though nothing new was created from these interactions it has an impact on future thoughts and your view of the world around you. Speaking to others and listening to what they have to say with an open mind often broadens your perspective if only slightly and gives you small nuggets of knowledge your brain can use for future ideas and in future conversations.

Luck can be created by interacting with the world around you and taking risks, however small; stepping outside of your comfort zone just slightly can shift your reality in very big ways.

In an ocean of possible outcomes the only way to navigate through it all is by picking a direction and testing the waters. Often times it will surprise you what you can take away from a conversation with a stranger, coworker, and even friends or family. These small discussions nudge your senses and can serve as your compass to guide you through life. Take that very small risk periodically and talk to those around you; the outcome will surprise you. Those that are lucky are those not afraid to speak up.

Luck comes to those who make the effort to sew the seeds. Plant in the minds of others and wait patiently for chance to sprout.

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